By the Aquarists...For the Aquarists...


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The transition from homes with garden to concrete jungle surrounded by high rises, marked the lost of greenery and the birth of compact spaces. This made us pursue the hobby of planted aquarium. What can be best when we can mimic natural landscapes from the majestic waterbodies in small spaces.

To flourish the plants in the aquascape, the search of best nutrients propelled us towards the international market, with none to look forward to India. Hence, from here on we cherished the dream of AQUATRITION®. As aquarists, the treasures hidden in the green underwater always intrigued us.

Back in the years, various aquatic plants were grown in- house to carry out research on various nutrient need of plants. This in-depth research created the backbone for our products. The passion that began from research, got poured into our brand and hence, it’s always beyond nourishment to us. Our nutrients tell our story, and we love sharing it to the world. And so began our quest to thrive and nourish the hobby of planted aquarium affordable to the Indian market.

Quality uncompromised as only the finest ingredients goes into our products


From inhouse R&D lab to our very own state-of-art manufacturing unit, we at Aquatrition, design and formulate our ingredients list such that  every time the right amount of nutrients goes into all our products, Our brand propagates ethical practices not only by crafting products that are 100% safe for underwater life including fish and shrimps but also by extensively conducting trials and testing of them. We are also equipped with our own setup of quality control to ensure that our consumers acquires the best without any variation in ingredients. Customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of our brand and will remain the same. By regulatory the conception, formulation and manufacturing of all our products, we thereby ensure quality & purity across all pillars.

Absolute Nourishment for your Freshwater Planted Aquarium


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Planted aquariums being inspired by nature, exhibits the delicate balance that exists between the flora and fauna on a miniature scale. To achieve this harmony, these setups need that accurate amount of essential nutrients along with add-ons to enhance the overall growth and color of the water plants. At Aquatrition, we design and formulate our ingredient list so that  every time the right amount of nutrients goes into all our products.